Volvo Selekt

By purchasing your car from us, you join the Volvo Selekt program. More than a transaction, with Volvo Selekt you gain reassurance and a true Volvo experience, before and after we hand you your key.

Carefully selected and verified

Carefully selected and verified

Each car is always under 5 years old, with less than
120,000 kilometers on the clock.

Here at Volvo, we’re perfectionists just like you. In fact, we’ve
devoted hours of expertise and attention to detail to your new

Checked and updated

We improve them through more than 100 Volvo approved
checklists and then make them even better with the latest software

Our engineers are always developing and improving Volvo
technology. We’ll upgrade your software at every service to help
you get the most from your car – from aircon to engine
management. An exclusive feature you simply cannot get

checked and updated
Volvo Genuine Parts

Volvo Genuine Parts

Only Volvo Genuine Parts are fitted in a Volvo Selekt car. These genuine parts work
perfectly with the car for optimum performance of every component and system in your